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Image by Jordan Cormack EMDR Therapy

My Approach

Welcome to the page that describes my practice. It seems that you set your mind to healing. It takes a special courage and strength to make this first step. I honor your patience to read what I have to offer, since I strongly believe that change in therapy room happens much faster when therapeutic relationship reflects client’s sense of safety, appreciation, and trust. I want you know that psychotherapy is not just about putting a label on your symptoms and getting rid of them. I believe that psychotherapy is a beautiful art of healing and my mission is to help you grow in a safe, nonjudgmental, compassionate, and empowering atmosphere. I know you can and you will heal.

Immigration to the US taught me the true meaning of the word CHANGE- the one that we aim to achieve in the psychotherapy process. I have also learned the importance of cultural sensitivity, competency, but also cultural humility when working with culturally diverse population. I love working with individuals and families of any configuration. As a client-centered therapist, I strongly believe that client's natural potential to grow, combined with a genuine care and empathy is integral to true healing. My approach is outcome-driven and trauma informed, meaning that I use psychotherapy tools to help you achieve your goals but in a way that supports your natural pace and needs. I find that my personal experience with immigration, marriage, and motherhood, as well as my spiritual beliefs, influence my therapy style and reflect in a soft strength that nurtures and inspires my clients. Whether your pain omits your desired functioning through depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, fear, or grief, I am here to meet you, believing in your personal strength and power to heal.

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